At ODI we are determined to provide holistic diagnostic services which offer multiple benefits for both your patients and your practice. ODI utilizes the latest equipment in mobile ultrasound technology to increase your range of clinical services. The convenience and portability of our high-tech digital systems are enhanced by superior quality imaging and performance for diagnostic accuracy.

We optimize your services

ODI streamlines your diagnostic process by providing highly trained personnel versed in the latest imaging technology and modern diagnostic practices. Our team of  Sonographers pursue regular training to ensure high quality service for both you and your patients.

ODI’s focus on technology and innovation, combined with our Sonographers’ expertise result in greater efficiency, improved quality of customer service and overall practice success.

We provide the latest in high-tech, quality imaging systems.

Ultrasound Systems

Our modernized systems merge excellent quality imaging with refined capabilities for high contrast enhancement essential for capturing irregularities. By applying the latest industry advancements, ODI guarantees your practice is equipped with updated developmental techniques. Our high-tech portable equipment covers the full scope of general, vascular and cardiac applications. 

We provide the technological expertise.

Qualified Sonographers

The accuracy of ultrasound results is directly related to the quality of both the technician and the examination equipment. Each of ODI’s Sonographers are highly qualified with years of experience in their respective fields. While ensuring that our technicians are thoroughly trained in the use of imaging equipment, we go a step further with specialized training in patient care and customer service; this allows us to maintain people-oriented quality care for an enhanced patient experience. Through constant monitoring and evaluation, ODI sustains excellent performance in keeping with best practices and industry standards.

Board Certified Physicians

Allow Board-Certified Radiologists and Cardiologists, along with Interventionalists, to assist you with the diagnosis and treatment of your patients. These qualified and competent experts provide support for insurance processes, obtaining authorizations, scheduling technicians and administering tests. By providing these services, ODI grants you the peace of mind to focus on enhanced patient care, increased productivity and profitability.

We prioritize patient care.

On-Site Diagnostic Testing

On-site testing means controlled management of patient care and treatment. Your patients will no longer be subjected to the hassle of external referrals and prolonged wait times at other facilities; instead they will experience a streamlined process in a comfortable environment with a familiar physician they know and trust.

Diagnostics are completed on-site with a quick-turn around and interpretation by our Board-Certified Physicians. With rapid results available within 72 hours , and STAT reads in 24 hours or less, your patients will enjoy a reliable, timely and economical quality care process without leaving your office.

Patient Retention

ODI helps you provide a full suite of services to patients in the comfort of your practice. By minimizing the need to outsource diagnostic services, you maintain control of the entire treatment. This decreases the number of patients lost to follow-up appointments and promotes continuity of care.